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Banking, Brokerage, Insurance, Online Gaming, Finance
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Who Are We

Comoros Services Ltd, is incorporated in Moroni, Grand Comore, Union of the Comoros and is the only Comoros exclusive company authorized to facilitate the sale of Banking, Crypto, Finance, Insurance, On-line Gaming and Brokerage Licenses.

Comoros Services Ltd are exclusively instructed by the Comoros International Banking Authority, Comoros Finance Commission, and the Comoros registrar of International Business Companies to facilitate all marketing, sales, and administration for the issue of Banking, Crypto, Finance, Insurance, On-line Gaming and Brokerage Licenses.

Comoros will always offer the highest standards and ensure our customers objectives are met in an expert and efficient manner offering full offshore and onshore services including local Comoros office facilities, clients own phone number and secretarial services. Comoros Services Ltd is fast, efficient, friendly & flexible.

The establishment of the Comoros Financial Centre will enable companies to have a one-stop-shop for all aspects of financial Licencing and services including Banking, Crypto, Finance, Online Gaming, Insurance and Brokerage Licenses. 

Comoros has an infrastructure for now and the future. but continues to cherish the traditions and customs that make Comoros both unique and special. With the help of foreign expertise, the Comoros Financial Centre will become one of the major financial jurisdictions in the world. 

In Comoros, companies, and business enterprises are discovering that they can significantly improve profitability in all aspects of financial services.

Our aim is to build a solid, reliable, long-term business relationships which facilitate your requirements to become a fully licensed company and financial service provider.

Comoros Services Ltd facilitates our client’s needs. They do not issue International Business Companies or Licenses; these are issued by the respective Union of the Comoros Authority.

Comoros laws for all offshore services were passed by the Comoros Assembly of the Union relating to all offshore activity and were carefully drawn up to produce a coherent and flexible regulatory framework. Comoros Services Ltd are fully and exclusively authorised to conduct this business.

``The Union of Comoros financial centre is a wonderful opportunity for all business in this jurisdiction.``

Comoros services Ltd only facilitate International Business Companies and Licenses, they do not issue any companies or Licenses, these are issued as follows:

  • International Business companies are issued by the Comoros Registrar of International Business Companies
  • Banking and Finance Licenses issued by The Comoros International Banking Authority
  • All other Licenses are issued by the Comoros Finance Commission.

Licenses Types


An International banking License is the only Banking License offered in the Union of the Comoros and is an offshore banking …

Banking with Crypto

The Comoros International Banking Authority has also introduced a Banking License including trading in Digital Crypto …


The CFC act lays out the framework to facilitate the establishment of Brokerage and Clearing House License business …


A Comoros company which has been issued with an Offshore Finance License can offer financial services to both private …


The CFC act lays out the framework to facilitate the establishment of an international insurance business from …

Online Gaming

Online Betting and gaming licenses are issued only to Comoros companies, but allow a company to engage in as many …


Local Offices

All clients who purchase a Licenses will automatically be given Comoros office facilities to include a telephone number which will be answered in the company’s name by the office secretary and the companies own proof of company residence in Comoros by way of a Utility bill in the company’s name.

If required Clients can have their own staff in the offices. All Clients are welcome to visit us in Comoros and we can arrange staff to meet you at the airport & local hotel booking.

A visa is required which is obtained on arrival.

Nominee Services

Comoros services Ltd have set up a nominee services for clients who wish to have Nominee Directors, Shareholders and Secretaries, the Nominees can also arrange for Power of attorney documents if required by the client.


Comoros services Ltd can arrange at your company’s year end to have a Comoros Audit Company to audit your company accounts.


Comoros services Ltd can arrange for any documents to be certified by a Comoros Lawyer and any documents to be certified by the Comoros Ministry of Foreign Affairs.