Frequently Asked Questions

Comoros is a group of islands in the Mozambique Channel, about two-thirds of the way between northern Madagascar and northern Mozambique.

The new offshore acts and laws were passed in 2017 by the Comoros Legislative Assembly and passed by the Comoros Parliament to establish the laws for the Comoros International Banking Authority, the Comoros Finance Commission and the Comoros registry for the establishment of International Business Companies.
The offshore authority was established by way of a Presidential Decree in 2021.

An IBC can be incorporated in less than 3 hours if the company name is available. Email copy documents can be sent out within 6 hours, please allow up to seven working days for hard documents to be sent out by DHL

Yes, this is possible, subject to where the IBC is incorporated and KYC is approved.

A License can be issued to an IBC 3/4 weeks from receiving all the relevant, fully completed application forms and KYC.

Application forms can be obtained by sending an email to, upon receiving a request email, an application form will be sent out immediately, or you can link to, note prior to sending out any documents we require all contact information.

There will be a government website set up specifically for authorisation of International Business Companies and Licenses. There will also be a notice on the Comoros Central Bank website verifying CIBA and CFC and its authority to issue Licenses.

At the moment payment by bank transfer only, we will need to know which bank and jurisdiction the funds will be coming from.

Yes it’s possible to introduce applicants for the establishment of a bank account (subject to KYC from the bank ) 

Yes as these Licenses are issued with authority from the Comoros Central Bank you can apply directly for SWIFT membership.( subject to SWIFT KYC )

We strongly recommend that a local office is opened in Comoros, this can be staffed by your own staff or we can arrange local staff who will speak English, French and Arabic.

Yes – Comoros is safe to visit; our offices will assist in hotel reservation and flight transfers.