Government Officials

Azali Assoumani

President of the Union

Dhoihir Dhulkamal

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International

Loub Yacout Zaidou

Minister of Health

Mr Amirdine Mohamed

Director General of the Comoros International Banking Authority

Mr Faissoil Abdou

Registrar of Comoros International Business Companies (IBC)

Moindjie Mohamed Moussa

Minister of Education

Houmed Msaidie

Minister of Economy, Investment and Energy

Djae Ahamada Chanfi

Minister of Maritime and Air Transports

Azali Assoumani

Head of State

Mohamed Housseini Djamalillail

Minister of Justice

Dr. Younoussa Imani

Governor of the Comoros Central Bank

Mr Zoubert Assadillah

Director General of the Comoros Finance Commission

Mohamed Daoudou

Minister of the Interior

Ahmed Said Ben Djanfar

Minister of Post, Telecommunications and Information

Afretane Yssoufa

Minister of Urbanism and Territorial Management

Said Ali Said Chayhane

Minister of Finances